Lencois Maranhenses - Brazil


Getting to Lencois Maranhenses National Park

It has an area of 155,000 ha and 70 km of beach.

It is located in the state of Maranhao - Brazil, covering the cities of Barreirinhas, Humberto de Campos and Primeira Cruz.

The simple way to get to Lencois Maranhenses Park is to go by plane to Sao Luis, capital of Maranhao. From there you can take the bus(from Terminal Bus) to the city of Barreirinhas, which is a small town that serves as the entrance to the Park. Barreirinhas to the park access is performed by 4WD jeeps or boats across the Rio Preguiças. The boats or jeeps service can be hired in Barreirinhas.

Leaving São Luis, the capital of the state of Maranhao, the bus travels 240 km to the city of Barreirinhas.

The park is located 2 km from Barreirinhas, across the Preguicas River. There are many tours from Barreirinhas that uses appropriate vehicles(4WD Jeeps) to reach the dunes and freshwater lakes.

There are three ways to reach Barreirinhas from Sao Luis - Maranhao:

Car: Leaving Sao Luis, capital of Maranhao, runs for 3 hours on a road called Translitorânea - MA402, to the city of Barreirinhas (main gateway of the park).

Bus: depart daily from the Bus Terminal of Sao Luis. The duration of the travel is about 4 hours.

Bi or single-engine airplane: There is also the option of air taxi from Sao Luis. The duration of the travel is about 50 minutes. The advantage of the airplane is the beautiful and unique landscape.

What to bring?

The National Park of Lencois Maranhenses is a place where you will have direct contact with an original nature, sunshine and wet warm temperature. So do not bring heavy clothes.

- Only shorts, shirts, shoes, hat / cap and bathing suit.

- Sunglasses and sunscreen can not be forgotten.

For those with sensitive skin, you need an extra care, after all, there are no shadows in the dunes. It is recommended that you replace the sun protector frequently, following the recommendation of the manufacturers of the product.

How long to stay?

Lencois Maranhenses

There are dozens of trips in the Park, to know all you need to stay 7 days in Barreirinhas. Do not limit yourself to the main lagoons, if you really want to enjoy the place, do all the trips, look for a tour agencie and enjoy!

But if you have little time, 2 days are enough to know the basics, like the two main lagoons, Azul and Bonita.

City of Sao Luis - The major city of Maranhao

Take the opportunity to know the city of Sao Luis, capital of Maranhão, among its main attractions is the historic center, with its colonial buildings and architecture.

It is worth making a gastronomic tourism, because in Sao Luis you will find great restaurants with wonderful regional food!


What´s the best date to travel?

What is the best date to visit the Lencois Maranhenses? Is there a correct date to visit the Lencois Maranhenses Park?

Yes, there is a more favorable period!

Throughout the year you can visit the Lencois Maranhenses and find lagoons to bath, but as the lagoons are formed by the accumulation of rainwater, the lack of rain can flush some of the them, depending on month.

Rains throughout the first half of the year from December to June, and the rains usually end just before the start of the June festivals, that marked the start of high season in Maranhao.

The best is to go after the rainy season, because the lagoons are quite full. But as said before, you can enjoy the beauties of the region all the year, that are not limited to the National Park of Lencois Maranhenses.

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