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A wonderful oasis where visitors can bathe in the sea and take the salt from the body in fresh water. There are bungalows and good food.


Fishing village where the main attraction is a lighthouse 54 meters high, where you can see f the park.


Lencois Maranhenses National Park
155 thousand hectares of pure nature in an environment that offers the opportunity to see the unforgettable sunset, the characteristic flora and fauna of the region, and large expanses of dunes, lagoons, sea bathing and more.


Barra do Tatu, Moitas, Morro do Boi, Ponta do Mangue e Vassouras are some of the beautiful beaches in Barreirinhas. To know them, you can travel by boat starting from Barreirinhas.

Tours in Lencois Maranhenses Brazil

Every morning has traction 4x4 cars carrying tourists to discover the Blue Lagoon, Bonita Lagoon, Gaivota Lagoon, Fish Lagoon and others. You can choose to use transport with or without hood.

To reach the National Park, you must cross the Preguicas river. The 4 WD jeep will cross the river on a primitive raft, which is driven by human power or by a motor.

The jeep ride a trail of dirt, sand and streams, real adventure, for about 1 hour. She arrived at all descend from the car and the rest will have to be done on foot. There is a high dune to climb. At the top, the reward.

The feeling is that we die and come to paradise. The names of the lagoons already say what it is: LAgoa Azul(Blue Lagoon) and Lagoa Bonita(Beauty Lagoon), blue and green water. To know both it is preferably made two trips in two different days, because it is very tiring to do in one day.

There are sand dunes out of sight, the scene is dominated by sand dunes and freshwater ponds. Large sand formations reach up to 40 meters high and are generated by the action of the winds that blow constantly from the sea. The advance into the continent reaches 50 km and extends for 70 km of deserted beaches.

You'll find beautiful landscapes, a unique environment and ponds of cold water to cool the high air temperature. It is recommended to take a sunscreen. Light snacks and also a camera, because you will want to have those images forever.

There are also the Preguica river tour. Rent a boat in the city of Barreirinhas to tour the river and visit the beach of Caburé. There are several inns, restaurants and delicious regional food.

Another tip is to go down the Preguicas river to reach the Atlantic Ocean. On the way, are obligatory stops to enjoy all that the place has to offer: dunes, lakes and landscapes of breathtaking. Major attractions of the route are the communities of Atins, Mandacaru and especially the lighthouse, where you have an incomparable view of the Park.

Never go to the National Park (lagoons and beaches) without a guide. As everything is rustic is dangerous to walk alone. The guides accompanying the car and boat trips.

It is very important to preserve the environment. The National Park Lencois Maranhenses is protected by IBAMA (Institute of Brazilian environmental preservation). The tourist can not leave trash in the park.

Enjoy your holiday relaxing in a unique environment.

Informations to the tourists

Phone numbers of government agencies responsible for tourism in the city of Barreirinhas and IBAMA(Institute of Brazilian environmental preservation).

- Department of Tourism: phone 55-98-349-1144;
- IBAMA: phone 55-98-349-1155 or 55-98-231-3010;


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